What is Highly Hippie?

Highly Hippie was created to bring affordable fashion to everyone, while also creating a custom unisex line designed to spread Love and positivity. Highly Hippie is a community that welcomes anyone who wishes to improve the world, spread Love, or create positive change. All proceeds that come from our sales are reinvested into the betterment of humanity. 

"I created Highly Hippie with the goal of using the proceeds to fund large volunteer events, and other community improvement projects that would create positive change both in small communities and on a global scale. There are a lot of volunteers willing to help; striving to spread Love, knowledge, and positivity but cannot afford to volunteer. Volunteering takes time away from your personal life and some people cannot afford to take a day off (or more) from their full time job. Volunteering can sometimes be a financial burden to those who wish to help, which eventually creates a decline in volunteering. If we help create a more convenient, easy, and fun volunteering experience the world will only see positive improvement." 

- Sunny, Founder

Eventually, Highly Hippie will evolve from a national community into a global community based on Love; open to anyone and everyone without judgement. Touching on important topics such as health, nutrition, mental health, environment, and much more. Highly Hippie will be utilizing its proceeds as a tool to create positive change on a global scale, and to remind humanity that love is more powerful than we realize. The more people that understand this, the better the world will become.